Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Upper Cabinet Decorating

Do you have the type of kitchen where the space above your cabinets is used to store that rice steamer, or that waffle iron or anything else that doesn’t have a home, but you some day are going to use?

Find a new storage spot for these items and turn your upper cabinet area into a marvelous show place. It is pretty easy and costs are minimal. Usually you already own the decorations.

Here is one kitchen cabinet that didn’t have anything above and was viewable from the three sitting areas in the home.

We added some lights, pottery and some silk greens. It’s a finished look that adds personality and warmth.

This soffit “was” bare, but affords a place to display this homeowner’s love for the Orient. Yes, I should have taken a before picture. We positioned each piece and added some plastic covered Christmas lights (much brighter than the mini lights and they stay cool too). We had to drill a hole atop the cabinet into the cupboard that houses the outlet for the microwave. You always have an extra outlet here to place a remote (see this post) to control your lights.

Below we added lights. The statues seem less in contrast to the wall color and the umbrella wakes up, making this display wonderful.

Even with the recessed lights on, this area still has dimension with the added lights around the accessories.

Here is a picture of the placement of the Christmas lights. Just make sure that you position them in front and behind your objects whenever possible. The best time to buy these lights is after the holiday. The price is right too.

You can see below the remote control and the handheld switch that turns it on and off. It fits nicely in the cabinet above the microwave.

If you don’t want to make a large hole above your cabinet, cut off the male end of your extension cord. Run it through your pre-drilled hole and add a new plug end. This project allowed me to make the hole big enough to put the plug end through. You don’t want to cut the end off the Christmas light cord because you can’t place a new end on this type.

It is best to create a theme and not just stick stuff up above your kitchen cabinet. Offer some “real estate” between your objects (space), create layers when you can and make groupings whenever possible. Avoid arrangements that have your items running along in a straight line. Move some things forward and place others back, creating visual movement. Sometimes you have to use small boxes, wood pieces, or Styrofoam to raise up your items so that they can be properly viewed. If your cabinet is completely flat on top and no edging to conceal the lights, consider adding some trim or just create a scene using the design suggestions mentioned earlier.

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